Garage Door Track Repair Edmonton

When your garage door track is broken, just call us, and we will send a team of expert technicians to fix it for you. There are different kinds of garage door tracks – high lift, standard lift, and vertical lift. Vertical lift tracks are commonly used in industrial and commercial settings. Standard lift tracks, on the other hand, are usually used in residential areas. High lift tracks are a combination of vertical and standard tracks. These tracks are usually used in residential properties with high ceilings.

The garage door track should be in great shape. If you allow it to deteriorate, the consequences will be dire. A damaged or broken track can prevent the door from closing or opening efficiently. Garage doors are heavy, so fixing a faulty track must be done by more than one person. It’s dangerous to do the job on your own, especially if you don’t have the right tools and knowledge about the job. We suggest you call our garage door repair in Edmonton specialists.

Why Choose Us?

Our Edmonton technicians are experienced and skilled in track repair. Whether it is a vertical track or a standard lift system, you can trust us to get your garage door back in shape. If the track can’t be fixed, we will tell you right away. We can replace the track with a new one. We keep a full inventory of high quality garage door parts.

We remove the hinge pins and rollers from the current track that’s attached to your garage door. The spring is also removed. Removing the spring is the most dangerous part of the job due to the door’s weight. The spring has a lot of force and tension. We are experienced in handling different kinds of garage door springs. We know what safety precautions to follow, so you don’t need to worry.

After removing the door, we will see where the replacement track will go. We only need to connect hinge pins and rollers back into the garage door and make sure that the track is leveled.

Importance of Track Repair

The track keeps the garage door aligned properly. When the door starts jamming up or doesn’t open properly, it could be a sign that the track is uneven or loose. The door will fall, and this can cause injury as well as severe property damage. It could also ruin the garage door.

We can come to your location and make sure that the overhead garage door and track are correctly aligned. Our Edmonton garage door repair technicians will inspect the garage door to determine the main cause of the problem. They will also lubricate parts and test the door to see if it’s working. They won’t leave until the garage door is running properly.

There’s no need to worry about hidden fees because we don’t have it. We provide free estimates. No job is too big or too small for us. We know how dangerous a broken garage door is. To prevent property damage and injury, just call us! Don’t try to fix the track on your own. You might end up paying for a professional to correct your mistake.