Spring Repair Edmonton

spring repair

Garage door springs usually last about 10,000 up to and down cycles. The average lifespan of torsion springs is about 5 years. If you use the door often, you can use springs that will have 15,000 to 25,000 life cycles.

How do you know if your Edmonton garage door spring is broken? When the garage door doesn’t open properly, it’s a sign that the spring is broken. If you have standard torsion springs and you see a separation or gap in the coil, it means that the spring is broken.

The door will shudder or hesitate when the springs are starting to wear out. If the spring is going out, it may not endure the door’s weight. The garage door might drop on its own and cause injuries. Switch off the automatic opener and raise the door by yourself. If the garage door feels heavy or doesn’t stay up, it’s a sign that the spring is about to fail.

An uneven door is also a sign of a broken spring. In some cases, the spring can be adjusted to improve the function of the garage door. A spring that has already failed or is about to go should be replaced. Don’t let spring problems ruin your day. Only Professional garage door repair Edmonton should tackle a  spring repair.

Don’t fix the spring on your own, especially if you’re using torsion springs. It can get dangerous, particularly if you don’t have the right tools or knowledge for the job. One wrong move can cause injuries or irreparable damage to the door. Our Edmonton technicians have the experience and training needed to do the job right the first time.

They will explain what is required in order for the garage door to function efficiently and smoothly. We can either repair or replace your current garage door spring. Leave it to us!

Why Choose Our Edmonton Garage Door Repair Services?

Available 24/7

Garage doors may look simple, but they work through complex systems. One of the most important parts of the entire system in the spring. Regular use and time can take a toll on the springs. When your spring is broken, just call us, and we will send an expert to fix it for you.

We are available 24/7, so we can come to your rescue anytime. Whether it’s in the middle of the night or early hours of the morning, you can call us to fix your garage door spring.

Expert Technicians

If the spring is rusting or noisy, you should replace it with a new one. Instead of fixing the spring on your own, allow us to do it for you. Our technicians will also inspect the garage door to determine if other problems must be solved quickly.

They bring all the tools required for the job, so you don’t need to give them anything. Our technicians will lubricate parts and perform a garage door balance test. If anything needs adjusting or tightening, we will take care of it immediately.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our garage door repair staff in Edmonton. We’re more than happy to help.