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Garage Door Parts

A lot of homeowners continue to use worn-out garage doors. You don’t need to upgrade the garage door from time to time unless it is malfunctioning, worn out, or damaged. However, some situations demand an upgrade or upgrade of garage door parts. There are some garage door problems that you can fix on your own, but there are also other issues that require the help of a professional Edmonton garage door repair technician. You need to be familiar with the components of a garage door to make the best decision.

Edmonton Garage Door Parts

  •   Hinges and Rollers

Garage doors have hinges and rollers. The hinges hold the garage door in place, while the rollers guarantee a smooth operation. The rollers and hinges should be lubricated and cleaned occasionally. It’s important to remove grime, rust, dirt, and dust. Roll up and down garage door have tracks.

  •   Springs and Cables

Garage doors also have springs and cables. The metal cables are responsible for the closing and opening mechanisms of the garage door. Your garage door could either have torsion springs or extension springs. The springs can be mounted above the door or along the track. The cables and springs can be inspected quickly unless they’re hidden. You can also determine to inspect the cables and springs by accessing the casing. It is crucial to lubricate these parts, once in a while, to maintain their efficiency and to prevent them from producing strange noises.

  •   Brackets

The brackets hold the metal cables, and it’s under a lot of tension when you use the garage door. This component loosens over time. Garage doors get distorted over time, and the bracket is the component that bears the burden of an old door. A visual inspection can help you determine signs of damage to the brackets. You can adjust or tighten the brackets depending on the situation.

If you’re looking for high quality garage door parts, you’ve come to the right place! Our edmonton Garage door repair specialists offer commercial and residential garage door parts, including cables, springs, locks, handles, and other accessories for your business or home. We have a large inventory of garage door parts, so you don’t need to wait long for the component that you need.

We also offer replacement hinges, torsion springs and brackets for older and new garage door models. A warranty backs all garage door parts. If you need weatherstripping, we have it. Our inventory also includes drums, remotes, receivers, logic boards, and bearings.

You want high quality garage door parts, and that’s what you will get from us. Low-quality parts don’t last long, and you will be forced to buy a replacement immediately. We want to make DIY garage door repair easier and simpler for you. When you have the knowledge and skills to fix the garage door on your own, you only need to get the right parts to do the job. We also offer garage door repair and installation.

If you have questions about our inventory and services, feel free to call our edmonton Staff anytime!